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As a subsidiary of Choice Aged Care, Choice Chemist draws on the broader group’s industry leading expertise and resourcing in medication management.

Choice Chemist delivers a value proposition that specifically focuses on the medication management needs of community care and independent living service providers and their respective care recipients.


What is compounding?

Compounding is the traditional pharmacy practice of preparing customised medications to meet unique patient needs. A growing number of patients have unique health needs that are not satisfactorily met by “off the shelf” preparations. Compounded medications made by trained and qualified pharmacists are a way of providing individual and tailored treatment options.

At Choice Chemist, optimising the health of our patients is our priority and our compounded products are made using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients and we follow specific standard operating procedures.

Please contact our pharmacists if you have any questions about our compounding service.

For Clients

Our deliverables

Community clients receive safe and accurate medication supply. Our low cost and high service pharmacy supply service significantly enhances the community service provider’s offering for their clients.
We can pack medications in to DAAs for all customers.

Our commitment

We endeavour to provide cost-effective generic substitutes to cater to the financial needs of residents and their families. Our pricing is also benchmarked against competitors to ensure costs are kept as low as possible.

For Carers

Our pharmacists

With pharmacists who are specialists in aged care, carers and nurses can rest assured knowing that we appreciate the specific needs of the industry which relies upon compassion, accuracy and reliability.

Our pharmacists are available for advice, counseling and medication management support.

For Facilities

Our training

We offer onsite and online training that supports and ensures best practice in medication management.

Our support

Our clinical support and medication supply covers facilities, residents, and personal carers.

For Doctors

Our systems

We save busy General Practitioners time through our efficient script management systems.